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CTI Integration with Salesforce Classic & Lightning

Phone support is still the #1 preferred channel for support. That’s why we integrate BeinContact in Salesforce. It’s an easy, full featured phone support experience right inside Salesforce.

BeinContact gives you the ability to instantly connect your people to prospects and customers to handle all inquiries using the wealth of knowledge held in Salesforce.

CRM integration helps agents personalize calls using BeinContact screen pops and more. Identify callers by unique attributes, like phone number, and display information,such as the caller’s name, on the agent’s screen before the call connects.

Be360° provides a sophisticated integration between BeinContact (our Cloud based contact center platform) and Salesforce.

Be360° includes an integrated phone panel within Salesforce that agents can use to make and receive calls. When inbound sales or service calls come in, the panel can display the case number or the caller’s name, the phone number and other calls detail, creating a new task after the call is handled by the agent (wrap time).                               


  • Complete cloud-based app
  • Use your browser on any platform (Windows®, Mac®);
  • No software installation is needed
  • Eliminate screen switching with intuitive interface
  • Reduce call handling times with automatic CTI screen pops, identify callers and route them to the right agent
  • Display caller information with CTI screen pops
  • Incoming callers are instantly matched to existing contact records, which are automatically displayed.