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BeinContact 3.0: new features


(11 languages including ITALIAN)

For both agent and supervisor desktop 11 languages are available such as english, ITALIAN, french, german, spanish ,chinese ,etc.

You can choice your language from a a dropdown list in you own account setup.


WebRTC Technology

Web Real Time communication

WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs. The WebRTC components have been optimized to best serve this purpose. It is based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

With the integration into our BeInContact 3.0 solution, contact center agents can be contacted by customers directly from a browser and telephone communications in voice and high quality video.

CRM Integrations

Salesforce integration

Increase agent productivity with integrated UI for both Sales and Service clouds, click to call, screen pop and activity history automatically saved and linked to an agent, contact and work item.

Improve customer experience with automated identification (SOQL/SOSL), prioritization and self-service. Learn more…


Oracle Service Cloud (ex Rightnow) Integration

Increase agent productivity with integrated UI, featuring click to call, screen pop and a contact history automatically saved to a selected object type.

Improve customer experience with automated identification, prioritization and self-service. Learn more…


Zendesk Integration (NEW)

Increase agent productivity with integrated UI, click to call, screen pop, and activity history, automatically saved with the ticket.

Improve customer experience multiple channels such as Zendesk chat, phone, SMS, and mobile apps, with identification, a prioritization, and self-service.


Microsoft Dynamics Online Integration (NEW)

Increase agent productivity with integrated UI, click to call, screen pop and activity history automatically saved and linked to an agent, contact and work item. Available for Miscrosoft Online CRM cloud 2016, On-premise versions and Microsoft Unified Service Desk client.


Cloud APIs

A number of cloud APIs and integration tools let BeCloud Solutions move beyond out-of-the-box Call Center & CRM software integrations.

Social Messenger & SMS

WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS etc.

Social messengers represent a rich communication tool that is familiar to most people. Many people have one, two, or even several social messengers on their smartphones and use them regularly to talk to their friends and family. To raise the productivity of a business-to-customer conversation, and to add convenience to customers, it makes perfect sense to communicate with them using social messengers.

  • No Waiting With Alerts
  • Positive Identification
  • Escalation To Voice
  • Convenience Of Text
  • Picture Messaging
  • Omniconnected
  • Disposable Apps and Automation

Text messaging is invaluable for private communication in public (e.g. texting is a good way to spend time on a train or waiting for a doctor), for multi-tasking, or for simply having a conversation at your own pace. Offering customer service over inbound text messaging, from “SMS call center”, will make your customers happier, and you will gain insight.


Mobile In App Customer Service

Your customers can now request live in-app customer support from a contact center agent within the context of their mobile app, without having to begin a new call, go through the IVR, wait in a new queue, identify themselves, and explain why they are calling, which is typical of today’s contact centers.

In addition to help requests, in-app customer service provides the customer the ability to reply to a notification and have a conversation in its context, thus avoiding a dead-end.

New Campaign Manager with Predictive - Progressive - Preview dialer

BeCloud Solutions Outbound Contact Center solution (BeDialer) is designed to help contact centers organize, automate and run their outbound dialing campaigns. Various dialing modes and a wide range of configuration options are provided to support proactive contact of any type (e.g., telemarketing, collections, political campaigns) while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Being an integral part of the BeCloud Solutions contact center platform, outbound operations are supported for the same contact center capacities (up to 5000 agents) and with the same degree of HA (no interruption or data loss in the event of any single failure) as any other interaction management functions. The platform enables agents to handle campaign calls and inbound interactions of any media type in a fully blended environment.

Outbound dialing automation increases agent productivity during outbound dialing.

BeCloud Solutions supports predictive, preview, progressive and automatic dialing modes.

List management capabilities include filtering, content expiration, automatic import and export and more.

Campaign operator dashboard allows monitoring and control over campaign execution in real-time.

  • Right party contact scenarios
  • Geographically closest ANI selection
  • Customizable forms (WYSIWYG point and click)
  • Do-not-call (number, area code, account, zip code, and more)
  • Linked campaigns ramp up next campaign as previous tapers off to keep utilization levels high
  • Increase Agent Productivit and Utilization
  • Safe calling hours, including state-based curfews.
  • Reduce Training Time
  • Increase Contact Rates
  • Maximum Performance from Each List
  • Easily Transfer Calls to Affiliates
  • Customizable, On Demand Reporting
  • Reduce Risk and Stay Compliant
  • Achieve Higher Utilization with Universal Queueing

New web interfaces for administrators, agents & supervisors

A central function of BeCloud Solutions is its unified agent desktop. BeinContact 3.0 (our Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution) is built to bring all the information needed to handle interactions and boost agent productivity to their fingertips:

A unified experience across all channels.

  • Instant access to features, customer context, and knowledge.
  • No “alt-tabbing”, window switching, or long page scrolling.
  • Pure web-based  application accessible from any location, using any browser.

Powerful supervision tools

Supervision tools are built into the Agent/Supervisor Desktop, extending it with real-time statistics dashboard for supervised teams and services.

1. Handy customizable alerts draw the supervisor’s attention to anomalies

2. Calls and other interactions can be monitored (including coach/barge-in modes) and graded on-the-fly

3. Supervisor can watch agents’ screens

Empowering associates with a Unified Agent Desktop

Agent Desktop is a web application, supporting 4 major browsers. It offers controls to handle interactions of all supported types, along with internal chat, interaction flagging and real-time personal metrics. The UI is role- and context-based, offering only the features allowed by the privileges of the logged-in user. The UI is constantly adjusting to offer optimal controls to handle the task at hand. All system administration is performed via a single, easy-to-use web interface.

  • Keeping all the information needed in the visible portion of the desktop
  • Intelligently extracting the relevant elements of context to display
  • Eliminating switching, alt-tabbing, and scrolling through long pages
  • Transparently rearranging the desktop when the modality of the conversation changes.

Administration, Web-based

All system administration is performed via single, easy-to-use web interface.

Embedded Softphone & New Omnichannel IVR

The softphone/videophone component is included, installed as browser plug-in. In addition, calls can be handled via a PSTN phone number, by dialing in and keeping the line open or using a SIP hardphone.

IVR and other media are controlled by scenarios that consist of user-friendly blocks, combined into flows using a drag-and-drop web-based UI.

The scenario blocks offer extensive functionality, including accessing web services, databases and

HTML 5 - Pure Web Interfaces

Beincontact 3.0 features web-based, HTML5, rich user interfaces that do not require Java or Flash. Contact center day-to-day operations, administration, and reporting are all accessible via a web browser.

Multichannel ACD for Chat, Sms and Email


Fully Featured MultiChannel Cloud Contact Center Software

BeinContact 3.0 provides an integrated stack for managing all customer communications in your environment:

  • Routing, Reporting, Recording, Quality Management, Coaching, and Surveys. All-in-One Contact Center Solution!
  • Out-of-the-box CRM integration and cloud APIs.
  • Built-in Knowledge Base, Calendaring, and Reminders.

Choice of cloud infrastructure and telecom providers.

Simplified Multichannel

The heart of BeinContact’s 3.0 Multichannel Cloud Contact Center software is a powerful multichannel engine.

It was designed for omnichannel interactions across any combination of voice, video, and digital channels:

  • Inbound, Outbound, Blended and IVR for voice and video.
  • Support for all digital channels including Email, Chat, Social, Mobile In-App, and Messaging.
  • Seamless channel switching and escalation.

Monitoring, Reporting, and Quality Management consistent across channels.


Compliance : PCI DSS and HIPAA security rule

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

The Privacy and Security Rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) define requirements for the appropriate use and safeguarding of protected health information (PHI). The provisions of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act include updates to the HIPAA Standards that further strengthen the privacy and security of health information. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, HIPAA/HITECH privacy and security rules apply not only to covered entities but also to their business associates.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry)

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle payment cards from the major card brands. While the standard itself applies to entities involved in payment card processing, the technology solutions employed by such entities are expected to facilitate compliance.

Follow the Sun Support

BeCloud Solutions’s cloud platform features remotely deployable point-of-presence modules for reduction of latency for remote teams.

A structure inspired by the concept of “follow the sun”, with which it can be guaranteed a coverage of 24-hour service, based on multiple service desks that operate in their own day time work, taking advantage of the different time zones.