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AI & Bots - BeNext

Now people interact via different channels and the number of interactions is continuously increasing: there is a need to  automate conversations to drive down costs and provide  quicker and better customer service. The key is being able to identify what interactions need to be handled by a human rather than automated.

In accordance with this, we created BeNext: a quantum-based AI platform that is natively integrated with BeInContact (our Cloud Contact Center Solution). It is built on a proprietary algorithm, which can learn new concepts and automatically improve through its extended use: BeNext understands natural language and interact in a way that is quite similar to a human.

In addition to that, it is integrated with our omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution: BeNext represents a new channel that you can use to interact with your customers and gives you the

possibility to escalate to a human interaction in case of needs.


Training by concepts

Training time

Confidence level

No binding pattern of speech



TTS and STT with no pre-cabled ontologies

Different sources

Profiling and recommendation

Out-of-the-box BeInContact integration

Cloud and on Premise


    Textual conversational interface that allows a natural language interaction, without forced dialogue paths. It can be used through Web Chat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Skype.
    Conversational telephonic form, based on NLP and TTS engine, that allows interaction through a traditional phone conversation or via Skype.

    Semantic analysis module that allows topics interpretation and user’s messages mood on social networks, in order to autonomously answer via CHATBOT, without operator’s help, and setting engagement level based on acquired informations.
    BeNext is able to process/elaborate a text into natural language, especially useful in monitoring and social listening activities. It can be employed in active listening in order to intercept hashtags, keywords and sentiment analysis.

    Thanks to the “presence survey” function applied to public offices, evaluating the number of people awaiting, the platform is able to suggest the most appropriate moment in which move to the office of interest. The system can proactively suggest to the users that have previously requested documents via CHATBOT, to avoid the offices if excessively overcrowded and the moment in which they get empty.
    BeNext provides these informations matching real time data about weather and traffic.

    BeNext scans documents, emails, sms, images and videos, in order to identify meaning, context, concepts and relations, as though a human.
    Differently from traditional systems, BeNext translates all the analyzed contents into structured data, accomplishing automatic analysis, categorization, informations extraction and creations of technology advanced relations, adopting progressive cognitive services and applying elaborated linguistic rules.

    Company’s Knowledge and data management for internal and external customers. It allows an immediate access to the company’s intranet information, websites and support tickets.
    BeNext is more than a simple search engine: it creates natural and intuitive conversational interfaces, realized to browse arguments and concepts, also through operating systems integration. BeNext makes advanced research possible, with punctual and relevant results, thanks to an excellent analysis activity.

    BeNext analyzes and processes vital signs such as eye motion, brain activity, dermal conductivity and other biometric parameters, related to people’s emotional state, in order to use them as a data source for contents personalization and cognitive profiling.



  • Visual features: BeNext can scan human faces and classify their emotions, in order to use them as data sources.
  • Vocal features: BeNext is TTS and SST compliant, it means that it can switch from natural language to text and viceversa.
  • Textual analysis: BeNext checks and translates texts, defines their main arguments and recognizes different languages. It is also able to extract key words and phrases and determine their general mood.
  • Behavioral: BeNext can detect, analyze and process biometrics signs that are related to people emotional state, in order to use them as data sources.
  • Custom Solutions: Using API, BeNext can integrate every kind of third parts solutions (CRM, ERP, BI, DAM).


  • Customer Service
  • Public Administration
  • Knowledge
  • Marketing